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Company policies are developed in order to keep all cleaning staff on the same page. Policies must also be enforced regarding proper behavior of the cleaning staff while on the job. The following tips can be helpful when training new employees or useful reminders for long-tem employees: Do NOT use any property of the client. This includes copy machines Cheap Basketball Jerseys , fax machines, computers, radios, stereos Cheap Baseball Jerseys , calculators, etc. Do NOT turn on or off any equipment while carrying out your duties. NEVER sit at desks, or open any drawers, doors Cheap Hockey Jerseys , cabinets, or any container not directly involved in the performance of your work. It is not appropriate for cleaning staff to read books or examine papers in r bring children, family, or friends to NOT eat or drink any food Cheap Football Jerseys , candy, snacks, sodas, etc. that are in the offices -- including candy sitting at the receptionist desk -- this is client property and is for their employees and customers. It is ok to purchase a soda or snack out of a vending machine Cheap Jerseys From China , however, as long as it is not being consumed in the offices where you are NOT make personal calls or other calls from any telephone in the offices. If you use a telephone timekeeping system, there should be a designated phone that is approved for emergency use. Otherwise, check with your supervisor on proper procedures for phone NOT take anything that has been thrown away by the client. Misunderstandings can result in cleaning staff being accused of theft.

Steve Hanson is co-founding member of The Janitorial Store (TM) Cheap China Jerseys , an online community for owners and managers of cleaning companies who want to build a more profitable and successful cleaning business. Sign up for Trash Talk: Tip of the Week at and receive a Free Gift!

Happily you have found your trusty “Mister Right” and suddenly your big day is really fast drawing near. The nerves are growing and you’re beginning to give thought to all of the intricate particulars that make your wedding day a thing to enshrine. Not surprisingly the money is flying out like water nevertheless, if you can’t invest a little on the greatest time of your own life then it’s a poor show.

You might have decided on the most wonderful wedding dress in the world, your venue is stunning and the classic Jaguar is going to turn a few heads when it rolls up, that’s for sure. Nevertheless in all of the turmoil you’ve missed the tiny question of the wedding entertainment. Your guests are going to be wanting something a little extraordinary when contemplating the music on your wedding event.

So what on earth are you to do? Do you want to settle for the typical wedding disk jockey who arrives in the manky ancient tee-shirt and jeans Cheap Jerseys China , boots up his notebook or ipad, puts on the wedding playlist and then sits back downing pints of lager all night? No … I figured not. Why would you spend decent money for a jaded wedding day entertainer who would rather be at the betting shop than making sure your wedding day is that extra little bit exceptional?

Then you have a flash of inspiration. You’re interested in getting a wedding guitarist and vocalist for something a bit more personalised but you remember during your best friends wedding reception when the vocalist cranked up, crooning and simply not quite striking the notes! All of the looks on people’s faces were, may we say Cheap Jerseys , awkward to put it mildly! If only the man could sing you might have forgotten the inadequate guitar performance! Additionally the track selections ended up being a little bit dated and then he wouldn’t carry out requests.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you found a wedding guitarist with some proper expertise as well as a sexy modern sound to boot? Well all right, the uncertainty ends here!

Time to discover “Pat McIntyre” … a wonderfully gifted guitarist who has been jamming since he was barely out of nappies. Somebody who can pick up just about any track in hardly any time and who’s taste is modern and current with covers of bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Oasis. While still capable to perform the old timeless classics from performers like The Rolling Stones and Otis Reading, he’ll offer you musical pleasure to keep Mum & Dad pleased along with a little something recent for the children!

Pat plays out all the time in Bristol and the South West of England to many and varied listeners. The guy always gets a wonderful response and people really are genuinely amazed with the natural talent. He boasts that hard to find endowment of being able to ‘work the spectators’ and this comes to him naturally. He’s not frightened to hop on the microphone and have a bit of chit chat with the viewers which customarily makes for a particularly casual and informal evening of high quality celebration.

In terms of your big day, Pat’s multipurpose acoustic guitar manner is ideal for the religious ceremony along with the night time bash. You’ll want to be happy with absolutely nothing less than the best!

My partner and I first enjoyed watching Pat deliver the goods roughly 3 yrs back during my buddy’s wedding and was in fact thoroughly enthralled with the show. Subsequently I have invariably endorsed his wedding guitarist in the south west service to others simply because I truly believe he is head and shoulders above all of the other wedding performers.

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