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Being tea-leaf is too expensive.Is rich still true difficult buy."Tang Bu Yi roars with laughter ground to say.Originally he is optimistically person.This time escape from death.Was tantamount to turn 1 turn from the ex- jaws of death.Is also what matters all see the ground opening.The mindset is also more open-minded.
"I where pour is have old headman to stay ground 1.Can all give you.Afraid that you drink to become addicted."The autumn of the leaf says with a smile.
Tang Bu Yi puts a hand.Saw Tang Guo Yi's eye.The noodles has the sorrow color the ground to say:"The autumn of the leaf.I don't trust ground a matter most .Or that mysterious organization.Zheng Ru because they died.Last time the river city on sky square if not that Wang Bo gave up a body to mutually save.Fruit fruit also the life Be difficult to protect.I fell such an end more.Almost become a plant person.I am to once die ground once person.Again realizing life ground is precious.BE really don't want to take place again what affair.I always not and confessedly BE.Why do they want everywhere and our Tang Jia to set against?Does our Tang Jia have them the demand ground the thing?"
The leaf's autumn ground facial expression is also dignified to come down.Looking at Tang Bu Yi to order to nod.Say:"I have been organizing hand to check to seek this data as well.Also guard against this to permeate in the everywhere.They first expose reason.Be because Tang Guo is kidnap affairs<piece matter but drive old man son the parties come out ground."
"Connect down their ground every the activity all have with the Tang closely relation.If say that the Tang doesn't have their demand ground thing.That is impossibly.So I think.Isn't the Tang and military authority ground research item-drive Ji?"
Tang Bu Yi's facial expression a sink.Say:"This I once thought as well.The Tang subordinate foundation because of laboratory also definite and troops' laboratory cooperate to study a gene item.They ground is the eyes ground this?Can this gene research item landlord lead all of the powers to control in the military authority hand.No matter is study data and safe problems is all been responsible for by military authority.They why again does the prison prison stare at the Tang not to put?"
"But we have no opportunity to explain these circumstances to them to listen to.They dare to also stare at a military authority not to become?"The autumn of the leaf says with a smile."Always don't organize silly to want to match with a troops of nation.Still less China country this kind of own strong military force and anti- probe strength of nation.They stare at Tang Jia, wanting to seek a breakthrough on Tang Jia."
"That now how should I do?Receive with military authority dozen voice?"Tang Bu Yi asks a way.Experienced so many matters, he was absolute trust to the leaf autumn.And he also knows that this young man isn't the common run of people, from where can he s not gets
The answer of , seeks other persons not necessarily so will have what effect as well.
The autumn of the leaf ordered to nod and said:"Receive with military authority dozen voice is as it should be, let them strengthen to guard against to this matter.Think necessarily certainly they have already realized the seriousness of problem from frequently having an accident of Tang Jia.But we now want to be advertent is a guarding against of oneself.Their influences are huge, and permeate to penetrate everywhere too much.Even if the outer circle contains the protection of military authority, also have to careful."
"On some affairs, I also did some arrangements.At least, the safe problem of uncle Tang and Tang Guos I can guarantee.My processing over matter in the hand will get to Hong Kong, this place of affair- wait that snake to jump out by himself/herself.This time, we can not definitely let again this line to break."
"I want to go to Hong Kong."Tang Guo stared leaf's one eye for autumn and again requested a way.
"I always have never kept you from going to Hong Kong."The autumn of the leaf ordered to nod.
"Did you promise?"Saying of Tang Guo delight.
"Hong Kong isn't my house again of and have what promise don't promise?"The autumn of the leaf says with a smile, claps to sit the iron cow that naps on the sofa and lets him goes upstairs to go to bed.
"The elder brother of the loach, I also want to go to Hong Kong together with you."Although iron cow trapped very much,still heard a leaf for autumn of talk.Hear a leaf say to Hong Kong for autumn, the nature is unwilling to fall behind.
"You accompany Ms. Tang to go to Hong Kong."The autumn of the leaf says.
Hence the face of iron cow beats with frost of eggplant, how.Tang Guo's face with burn red iron, Nu.
Re- live into blue apartment, the in the mind of leaf autumn has already grown a comfort and ease warm felling.This is the first place for stopping for a rest that he arrives at empress in the Yan city, also occupy in the oneself's heart'house'the place of this position.

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